What are Aspects of a very good Essay that you desire to find an Outstanding Grade?

What are Aspects of a very good Essay that you desire to find an Outstanding Grade?

Used to do my Extended Dissertation on Science, and next to the bat you need to know that I obtained A – D inside (sure, I still got my IB Diploma.)

But that D was well-deserved. Our EE name was: Study of Herschel and Hubble Area Telescopes’ infrared info to anticipate the Webb House Telescope’s productivity.

Abstract: 241 Word Count: 3804

It had been a sum of over a year’s price of frustration with likely 2 weeksvalue of knowledge, and for the most part five minutes of any authentic material (the consequence of the disadvantages of a senior school degree of understanding physics + the BS of everything you believe physics is like coming from pop science guides + AP Physics classes)

Photograph for fun of my abstract:

As well as a photo of the references page simply to explain to you how little I believed and much I believed I realized at that time:

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