Hardwood Floors

Transform you home with affordable elegant Hardwood floors.

American Classics:

American Classics features the traditional and timeless looks of oak, maple, walnut and hickory in a versatile variety of shades and hues that complement today’s most popular cabinetry and home furnishings finishes.

Hand Crafted:

The Hand Crafted collection of hardwood floors offers choices that are hand-sculpted and hand-finished for authentic artisan texture and beauty.


Exotics offer a global infusion of color and design.  Unique looks combine with the dramatic variation of these responsibly harvested exotic woods for a look that creates a tropical oasis in your home.

We understand how important your home is to you, and would like to help make it a home you feel proud of. We use only high quality products and equipment combined with years of experience, our highly skilled workers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to install, sanding and refinishing all types of hardwood floors, in our high quality work and competitive prices our goal is to provide excellent customer service by assisting clients in designing and choosing the best flooring to meet their needs and help them pick the right finish to suit any taste.